Let us refurbish your volumes

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Lieferzeit 4 - 8 Tage

  • Price includes shipping cost back from our facility to your gym.
  • Pack your volumes into a standard packaging box (120cm x 60cm x 60cm) and send the box to: Gewerbegebiet Primstalstr. 12, 66636 Tholey, Germany
  • Get your volumes back in 8-12 weeks

Learn more about refurbished climbing volumes: 


This is an offer for you to test our refurbish service. We are about to launch more packages and options to refurbish your climbing gym soon!

How it works

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  • You send us your old volumes in a packaging box (120cm x 60cm x 60cm)
  • We refurbish the volumes
  • You get your volumes back with new grip and refurbished attachment points

What to consider

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  • We are not able to refurbish volumes with severe damages to their wooden structure. Please be aware, that we allow us the right to send back those volumes.
  • If you are unsure about anything, just send us a message to: leon@banana-volumes.com

Re.Grab Volumes - refurbished climbing volumes for your gym

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