We offer all standard RAL colours. If you have any special wish regarding colouring, just sent us a message. We try to make every dream come true. 


Our volumes are available with or without M10 T-Nuts. In case you choose to have your volumes with T-Nuts, we use T-Nuts fixed to the volume by 2 screws each.


Banana Volumes are made of high-quality 18mm birch plywood. We use birch, as it offers the perfect balance between stability and elasticity for our volumes. Adding to this, the related trees count as a fast growing species - making birch plywood a sustainable choice.


It took us some time and effort to find and develop our own coating with the optimal grip. In the end, it is strong enough to withstand the force of a pressure washer and still offers a skin-friendly grip for an optimal climbing experience. In addition, each volume is also available as a dual-texture volume. 

Fixing volumes on your wall

Banana Volumes have special mounting sleeves that provide more stability for mounting screws. These sleeves are located in each fixing hole and are distributed around the entire volume so that the volumes can be fixed completely free of perforated louvres.


Banana Volumes can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer or even a brush to remove chalk and shoe rubber without damaging the coating.

got any question? Just send us a message!